What Is the Connection Between Your Brain & Skin?

Did you know your skin’s condition may tell you the condition of your brain?

Skin, just like the brain, changes dramatically as we age. People age at different rates, according to:

• Inherited genes
• Environmental factors
• Diet
• Exercise
• Habits
• Hormones

Skin is the First Sign of Aging

Skin mirrors the first signs of aging, due to the hormonal decline in the body accompanying aging. Skin becomes thin, dry and pale in color, and it begins to form multiple fine wrinkles. As the skin goes, so goes the brain, because the brain is also being affected by the decline in hormones.

Cognitive decline can sometimes be attributed to hormone deficiency. But before jumping to replace hormones via hormone replacement therapy, be very diligent to discuss this carefully with an endocrinologist who is up on the latest research. The wrong hormones, at the wrong age, in the wrong doses, can actually increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

How to Use Natural Remedies to Balance Hormones

Using more natural ways to balance hormones, such as a healthy diet and exercise, along with supplements like fish oil, may be the safest route for most people to improve the quality of their brain and skin.

Skin aged prematurely by the sun shows deep wrinkling and develops many kinds of pigment changes. This “photo damage” triggers inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation is also seen in premature brain aging, such as in Alzheimer’s disease.

Why Do Skin & the Brain Age in Similar Ways?

There is a biological reason that skin and brain age in similar ways. In early embryo, both skin cells and brain cells develop from the same kind of embryonic tissue (ectoderm). It is not feasible to do a brain biopsy to assess aging of brain tissue, but a skin biopsy is simple. Researchers are finding that skin cells can provide an experimental model for aging research on the brain.

Perhaps not surprisingly, considering the brain-skin link, what is good for the brain is also great for the skin. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed fish oil is beneficial for the brain and the skin. It appears to help limit the damage of radiation from the sun, give skin a younger appearance and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

This is good news because it means that you possess the power to change your brain! There are many ways to become sick, but there is a clear path to wellness and it’s simpler than you think. If you are ready to transform your life, we can help you.

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