Ask Tana Amen: The Pantry Cleanse

Isn’t it odd that we don’t want our kids to eat junk food, but we feed it to them anyway at the dinner table? No, I’m not talking about bringing home McDonald’s or KFC, but foods that we think are healthy when they are really junk food.
Hydrogenated (chemically modified), corn syrup, instant, processed…what part of any of that is healthy?
For those of you who have health conditions or you have a child with ADD, you already found that out the hard way.
This week’s video will open your eyes and drop your jaw. Many people think is healthy in their pantry, but it’s possible that over 50% of it isn’t. In fact, some of the foods are like a slow-acting poison.
If you think this is going overboard, watch the video. It will have you getting up to do your own pantry cleanse.
And you know what? Your brain, heart and immune system will thank you!
Watch the video. And I thank you!