How Steve Lost 380 Pounds in 18 Months WITHOUT Surgery

Meet Chris. Chris introduced herself to Dr. Amen at one of his lectures. Two years earlier, she had lost her 12-year-old daughter to bone cancer. She over-ate and drank as a way to cope with the loss and suffered from suicidal depression. However, when a friend told her about Dr. Amen’s program and she began following the program entirely, things changed, dramatically and rapidly. Just 8 days into the program, she felt free of the depression and her desire for bad food and alcohol vanished. By week 10, she had shed 24 pounds, slept without panic and began to feel and look transformed. Today, five months later, she’s 35 pounds lighter, no longer addicted to bad food and alcohol and exercises regularly—and that’s just touching on a few of the positive changes in her life. Dr. Amen underscores several important ideas to be learned from Chris’ story:

  • The best time to start healing from a crisis is before it starts.
  • Giving yourself the excuse to eat bad food, drink alcohol or smoke pot to deal with the pain only prolongs it.
  • Never let a crisis be an excuse to hurt yourself.
  • Whenever you feel sad, stressed or out of control, make sure to take care of your brain first.

Address Depression, Live Longer

Dr. Amen shares his own personal story about his grandfather, who after recovering from a life-changing heart attack, suffered from debilitating depression and died not long after. If the depression had been recognized and treated aggressively, Dr. Amen believes his grandfather’s life would have been extended. “If you or someone you love has depression, make sure to get it treated,” he says. Scientific studies show that taking fish oil and targeted supplements, getting exercise and correcting negative thought patterns can be effective with far fewer side effects. Based on Dr. Amen’s experience, he believes that if you follow his program, like Chris, you can experience dramatic results in a short amount of time.

Recovering from Obesity and Suicidal Thoughts — Coach Steve

Dr. Amen shows a picture a “before” picture of Brain Fit Life’s Coach Steve Nicander at 630 pounds, 18 months before he adopted Dr. Amen’s program. At that time, Steve was suffering from diabetes, hypertension, suicidal depression, alcohol and nicotine addiction as well as shooting pain in his feet. His weight was so out of control that if Steve fell, he needed a team of people to help him get up. However, after 18 months of following the brain healthy program laid out by Dr. Amen, Steve experienced dramatic shifts in his weight and overall health including:

  • Losing 380 pounds!
  • Losing his depression, diabetes, hypertension, pain and addictions to nicotine and alcohol
  • Losing 8 of his 10 prescription medications

So what exactly did Steve do?

  • Made good decisions
  • Avoided anything that hurt his brain (including alcohol and bad food)
  • Engaged in regular brain healthy habits like exercise and new learning
  • Began taking brain smart supplements
  • Checked his important numbers (vitamin D levels, thyroid, testosterone, etc.)
  • Never viewed the program as a diet, but as a life change

Ultimately, Steve used his brain to change his age, and in the process, he saved his life!