Influence Others for Their Good

You have much more influence than you ever imagined. The best way to influence the people you love is to FIRST get healthy yourself. If your health habits are bad, you influence your loved ones in a negative way.
Research suggests that your diet will affect generations to come. In a new study, animals that were given the typical Western diet over several generations bred MORE obese offspring. The diet changed the functioning of the animal’s genes, so that over time they ate more food and became fatter and fatter.
This is very disturbing, because it means that unless you get your health under control NOW, it can affect your children, your grandchildren and even your great grandchildren.
If you get healthy … you lose weight and you improve your energy and your mood … people will WANT what you have.
Your legacy can be about health or about illness. You get to decide … are you going to be a good role model, and help the people you love … or are you going to be a bad role model and hurt them? You can have a tremendous influence on the health of those around you.
What are you doing TODAY to get healthy?
What are you doing TODAY to model good health for those you love?
Who do you want to influence? Is it your husband, your children, your grandchildren, your employees? I know for me, I want to influence all the people in my life, but if I am not healthy I have NO influence and I have NO credibility.
You can do this.  It doesn’t need to be hard. It just takes loving yourself, loving those around you, and learning more about how to take care of the brain.
By using the 12 steps to a better brain outlined on Brain Fit Life, you can become thinner, smarter, and happier, while helping your loved ones become thinner, smarter, and happier too.
Invite someone you love to join you in getting brain healthy by encouraging them to become a member of Brain Fit Life.